Happy Wednesday TWCC Kids!

Today’s lesson is on a man named Job. Job had it all. He was living the good life, and he was very thankful for it. But when God allowed Satan to take everything away from him, Job did not lose his faith. Though he was grieving for his children and sad for the loss of his wealth, Job knew he had one thing no one could take from him: God.  Through all that testing, Job kept his faith. No one and no thing could steal Job’s joy. If we place our trust in God, no one will be able to steal our joy either, no matter how hard life gets and no matter how painful it may be! When you’re in pain, lean on God. When you are sick, call God’s name. When things are bad, trust in God. God will be there, wherever you are, and he will give you joy!

Say this prayer with me.

Dear God,

Thank you for loving us and for being there in bad times. Be near me when we are hurt, and give us joy in those tough times.

In Jesus’s name,


I have a Superbook video on Job for you and your family to watch. (WARNING: Parents the video is graphic) 

Melissa Coleman

Children’s Director / melissa@thewordfresno.org