Good morning TWCC Kids!

Today we will be looking at Acts Chapter 9. Are you guys ready? Let’s get started.

Even though it was dangerous for Saul and the other believers, they continued to share what Jesus had done in their lives. The number of believers across Judea and Samaria continued to grow, through the power of God’s spirit. God gave them the courage they needed to share his truth. God can give you courage, too!
Can you say this with me? “Knowing Jesus can help you face your fears.”
When you’re afraid, remember that God is with you. Even though you can’t see him, you can trust him. He can give you the strength to do something you’re scared to do.
Maybe you’re afraid to tell the truth because you’re worried you’ll get in trouble. Or you might be afraid to be kind to someone who hasn’t been nice to you in the past. It’s normal to be worried about something like that. But at the same time, we must always make the right choice and tell the truth. Jesus can help you face your fears.
And here’s another cool thing. Not only do we have our relationship with Jesus to help us face our fears, but when you put your trust in Jesus, you can also have the helper that Jesus promised the Holy Spirit. Well that’s all I have for us today. I do hope you have a Happy Sunday and see you all soon.

Melissa Coleman

Children’s Director /