Happy Wednesday TWCC Kids!
Today’s lesson is on “Parable of the  Good Samaritan.” Please read Luke 10:30-37. Today’s story will teach us to show kindness, even when it’s not the popular thing to do. In this story, however, not only did the Samaritan man bandage the injured Jewish man and take care of him all night. But the next day he took him to a hotel to make sure that he was able to recover in a safe place. Jesus taught that we are to love our neighbors the way we love ourselves. What if the “not so cool kid” at school was sitting alone no one would talk to them and you find out their family member was sick? Do you ignore them? Or you could do what the Samaritain did and go out of your way to be nice to them.  Sometimes helping our neighbors is really hard, but we can choose to show others the love God has shown us.
Today, I want to encourage you to look for opportunities to be kind to someone. I have attached a superbook story on the Good Samaritan for you and your family to watch together.

Have a great week!

Melissa Coleman

Children’s Director / melissa@thewordfresno.org