Happy Wednesday TWCC Kids,

Today we will watch a Superbook story on “John the baptist.”  Matthew 3:1-17 and Matthew 14:1-12. 

God knew who John the Baptist was before he was born. He knew this because God made John, and he gave him a purpose. God made everyone. God knew who you were long before your parents even met. He had a plan and a purpose for your life, and even now, he is preparing you to live out that purpose.

You don’t have to wait until you are a grown up to fulfill that purpose. You can begin serving God today. God can use you in this church, in your house, and in your school. You can serve God by serving others, by being a helping hand and a good listener. You can serve God by telling others about Jesus, and by inviting them to church. You can serve God by praying. You can pray for your friends, classmates, family, pastors. Prayer is a very powerful way to serve God, and it’s something you can do even while you are young.

God has plans for your life. He has a purpose, and he had that purpose long before you were born. God can use you, just as he did John the Baptist, to prepare others to meet Jesus. Ask God to show you your purpose. Ask him to use you. Don’t wait until you’re a grown up. Start serving Jesus today.

Melissa Coleman

Children’s Director / melissa@thewordfresno.org