Good morning TWCC Kids!

This month we’ve been talking about determination. Anytime you feel stuck, you need to have determination in order to get unstuck. That’s not easy, but God can help us find the strength we need to keep going- no matter what.

Let’s get started on today’s lesson.

What happened to Stephen was terrible and very sad. Maybe it wasn’t how you expected the story to go. But the good news is this wasn’t the end of the story. Remember, God showed Stephen a vision. Stephen knew that when he died, he would be with Jesus in heaven. Stephen was able to keep going because he knew that God was with him. You and I need to remember that, too.

Say this with me: “Keep going, because God knows the end of the story.”

God has always had a big plan, a bigger story. It’s like Stephen said to the religious leaders: Abraham, Moses, and David didn’t know the end of the story, but they all trusted God along the way. We can look at the bible now and read their stories. We can see how God was faithful and came through for his people. We also know that God kept his promise and sent Jesus to save us. Stephen knew this, too. He bravely taught others about Jesus no matter the cost.

Even though Stephen didn’t know how things would end, he trusted God. He decided to stand strong in what he believed. Stephen died in an awful way. But because of his faith, he went to heaven with God.

Sometimes you go through difficult things where you can’t see the end of the story, and that can be scary. Maybe your parents are arguing a lot. Maybe someone you know is sick, and you’re not sure what’s going to happen. Even though we don’t know how those situations will turn out, we can have determination because we follow God, and he does know the end of the story.

When everything feels awful, talk to God. If you’re scared and not sure how things will turn out, tell him how you feel. Ask him to give you strength to keep going. You can also talk to me or your parents. You don’t have to do it alone. Don’t keep it to yourself. Instead, find strength like Stephen did by looking to God.

I have a challenge for you this week. Talk to someone about something difficult in your life or something you’re afraid of.

Have a great Sunday!

Melissa Coleman

Children’s Director /