Good morning TWCC Kids!

Today, we will be looking at the book of Acts in the bible about a man named Saul.

Saul thought he knew the truth; but then he came face to face with Jesus. He discovered that Jesus was alive! Even though Saul couldn’t see, it was like he actually saw everything about Jesus in a whole new way.

Say this with me:Knowing Jesus changes the way you see everything.”

God even opened Saul’s eye’s in a pretty dramatic way. Saul had spent his life up until then trying to stop the message of Jesus. But now, he could see the truth that Jesus really was God’s son!

God opens our eyes too, in lots of different ways, and helps us look at our life from his point of view. For example, when you know Jesus, you might see how the things that seem bad right now could be used for something good.

Sometimes God speaks to us through experiences. Like maybe you’re out at a park on a sunny day and you notice the beautiful world God created and you feel closer to him than ever before. Or maybe you hear a song about God that teaches you something new about him. Or you might have a friend who always shows you God’s love. But however you get to know Jesus better, it’s always worth it because knowing Jesus changes the way you see everything.

The more we know Jesus, the more we can have faith that God is with us no matter what. We’ll start to look for ways that God might be with us no matter what our circumstances are.

Melissa Coleman

Children’s Director /