When the video of the murder of George Floyd was put on display for the world to see, comments and posts flooded the internet. As humans the initial temptation is to instantly respond with our knee-jerk reactions. As leaders, we are expected to respond about as fast as the news gets out. However, as Christians it takes a level of wisdom and humility to pause, process, reflect, seek God for His perspective, and connect with others to gain theirs before responding.

On 6/1/20 Bishop JR Coleman and Pastor Brad Bell  (The Well Community Church) met in a discussion facilitated by Elder Sean Tambagahan to respond with their reaction to the events surrounding George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent protests and riots. The purpose of the discussion was to guide our congregations to seek God’s perspective before responding to similar situations, as well as a call for unity among churches of various and diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. The ultimate goal is that Christ and His Gospel would prevail above any and all injustices.