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Sunday, July 5

Good morning,TWCC Kids! Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus to be the gift for everyone. Because of Jesus’s

Sunday, July 52020-07-05T09:28:22-07:00

Wednesday, July 1

Happy Wednesday, TWCC Kids! Today we will be looking at Acts 16:16-40 about Paul and Silas. They told many many people about Jesus,

Wednesday, July 12020-07-01T15:35:18-07:00

Sunday, June 28

Good morning TWCC Kids!  Today we will be looking at Acts chapter 10 about a man named Cornelius and Peter. Are

Sunday, June 282020-06-27T23:29:43-07:00

Wednesday, June 24

Happy Wednesday TWCC Kids, Today we will watch a Superbook story on "John the baptist."  Matthew 3:1-17 and Matthew 14:1-12. 

Wednesday, June 242020-06-24T12:57:39-07:00

Sunday, June 21

Good morning TWCC Kids! Today we will be looking at Acts Chapter 9. Are you guys ready? Let's get started.

Sunday, June 212020-06-21T00:22:58-07:00

Wednesday, June 17

Happy Wednesday TWCC Kids,  Today we will be watching a Superbook video on forgiveness and the bible story they are referencing

Wednesday, June 172020-06-17T16:36:13-07:00

Sunday, June 14

Good morning TWCC Kids! Today, we will be looking at the book of Acts in the bible about a man named

Sunday, June 142020-06-14T02:39:57-07:00

Wednesday, June 10

Happy Wednesday TWCC Kids! Today's lesson is on a man named Job. Job had it all. He was living the good

Wednesday, June 102020-06-10T17:58:20-07:00

Sunday, June 7

Good morning TWCC Kids! This month we will be talking about faith. We will be looking at different people in the

Sunday, June 72020-06-07T00:15:20-07:00

Wednesday, June 3

Happy Wednesday TWCC Kids! Today's lesson is on "Parable of the  Good Samaritan." Please read Luke 10:30-37. Today's story will teach us to

Wednesday, June 32020-06-03T13:32:25-07:00