Sean Tambagahan

About Sean Tambagahan

Sean Tambagahan serves as an elder and teacher at The Word Community Church, where he attends with his wife, Candace, and three sons.

A Prayer For This Hour

Lord, you are not moved or shaken by our calamities – you are steady and resolved. You are not surprised at the

A Prayer For This Hour2020-06-09T18:59:47-07:00

Update Regarding Churches Reopening

In light of President Trump’s statement deeming all churches and houses of worship as essential, many churches are opening their doors to

Update Regarding Churches Reopening2020-05-28T23:17:07-07:00

TWCC + CCC Merger Q&A

On March 26, 2020 we made an important announcement that The Word Community Church and Central Community Church have been pursuing

TWCC + CCC Merger Q&A2020-04-26T20:17:05-07:00

Five Types of Prayer

What is prayer and how do we do it? How would you describe your prayer life right now? Is it vibrant,

Five Types of Prayer2020-03-28T22:49:54-07:00

Faith in the Frenzy

It feels like it’s only been a few weeks since the initial news broke about a strange “new virus coming from China”.

Faith in the Frenzy2020-03-18T17:46:31-07:00