Welcome to The Word Community Church a place to learn, to serve, and connect with people in our community who are committed to knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known.

We are a multicultural, non-denominational congregation located in South East Fresno and led by Pastor JR Coleman.

Come As You Are

We mean it. Come exactly as you are to Sunday service and loving people from all walks of life will welcome you.  No matter our color, our background, our status, our neighborhood, we all need a place to call home and grow in our understanding of God’s grace.

We are One Generation

Today we are One Generation. Not seniors or youth. Not college, singles or elders. We are not the old and the young or the single and the married. We are one church and One Generation. The World will be changed only when we learn to live as One Generation.

Our Core Value

God Centered, with a strong emphasis on the entire Bible and people.

Our Mission

We are a diverse generation called to transform Fresno and the world.

Our Vision

One generation to reach them, win them, train them, send them.

Our Strategic Focus

Evangelism & Discipleship
Community Development
Local & Global Missions